Who Has Been On In The Last 24 Hours Game III


Dr. Belch: Hey, you say the eff-dash-dash-dash word around your old man, princess, and see just how serious things get. ;) Mar 9, 2014 14:35:04 GMT -8
Applejack: I think Dr. Belch has said he enjoys his girls enjoys saying dirty words. Mar 11, 2014 21:33:06 GMT -8
Dr. Belch: Well, if it's done in the throes of passion and not in anger, yes.... Mar 11, 2014 22:42:50 GMT -8 *
Link: I'm, shouting out loud =P Mar 13, 2014 19:24:21 GMT -8
Seawa: *Smacks link with a trout.* Mar 14, 2014 12:53:15 GMT -8
Link: Waste of a perfectly good fish =O Mar 14, 2014 21:39:21 GMT -8
Dr. Belch: A mackerel would have been funnier. Mar 23, 2014 16:22:56 GMT -8
Hoomajocky: Mackerel is too cliche at this point. Mar 24, 2014 23:59:52 GMT -8
Dr. Belch: No one's posted all day? No one even mentioned yesterday's date was not only April Fool's, but a perfect numerical palindrome (4.1.14)? Sheesh! Apr 2, 2014 19:02:40 GMT -8
Dr. Belch: Well, as long as no one else is here... [lifts leg, breaks wind] Apr 2, 2014 19:39:02 GMT -8 *
Blueberry: Wow, we brought up Aprils Fools, but I didn't notice it was a palindrome! Thats awesome! Apr 2, 2014 21:55:27 GMT -8
Hoomajocky: Lucky no one was here to smell that, Dr. B. Apr 2, 2014 22:00:17 GMT -8
Dr. Belch: Palindromes are fun. I recall a couple of Encyclopedia Brown cases used palindromes as a clue to the mystery. Or do I show my age here? Apr 2, 2014 22:36:38 GMT -8
CB: I have not heard of Encyclopedia Brown in forever. Wow. But I remember them. Apr 4, 2014 9:43:53 GMT -8
Dr. Belch: I enjoy a good mystery...like Sherlock Homes, The Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, or Lilian Jackson Braun's "The Cat Who" books. Apr 4, 2014 15:49:49 GMT -8 *
Dr. Belch: Idea for a gag: JON and ANGELA are walking through a used books shop, and she points out to him a shelf of paperbacks. Apr 4, 2014 15:56:12 GMT -8 *
Dr. Belch: And Jon is all, "Oh, hey, a nearly-complete set of "The Cat Who" books for seven bucks. Wow. I haven't read one of these in years." So he picks the closest one up and reads the title aloud. Apr 4, 2014 15:58:02 GMT -8 *
Dr. Belch: " 'The Cat Who Took a [bleep] on My Manuscript Notes and Had To Be Put To Sleep.' Yeesh, that old broad isn't even trying anymore." Apr 4, 2014 16:03:36 GMT -8
Kim: And rimshot! Apr 5, 2014 10:44:39 GMT -8
Ubs: Oh, oh, oh, oh! I get the joke! I get it! Apr 5, 2014 11:00:33 GMT -8
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